iwakoCrojack Capital Inc. will not be taking orders during the North American International Toy Fair for its latest collectibles line, IWAKO’s collectible puzzle erasers.

IWAKO’s line will make its North American debut at Toy Fair from Feb. 18 to 21 at Booth #4513. While attendees are encouraged to stop by the booth, due to an overwhelming demand, CroJack will not be writing orders for the collectibles. Instead, the IWAKO team will be at the show taking inquiries from customers and allocating product after the show is over.

“We’re probably the only company in history to go to Toy Fair planning not to write orders. To be fair to our specialty customers, we’ve decided to allocate product to retailers that sign up at the show, on a first-come, first-serve basis,” says Dan Wise, founder and CEO of CroJack. “The brand currently has a cult-following in Asia and the UK, and IWAKO has been trickling product in the U.S. and Canada on a limited basis. CroJack will work towards ultimately making IWAKO available to all retailers throughout North, Central, and South America.”