Source: Dan Dee International/The Toy Book

Walmart recently held its seventh annual Supplier Growth Forum as a virtual event in place of the usual in-person gathering that typically takes place in Rogers, Arkansas. Amid the yearly updates on the retail giant’s strategic initiatives, key focus areas, future growth strategies, Walmart issues its Supplier of the year Awards to leading suppliers in each major product category.

Dan Dee International — one of the world’s largest designers and suppliers of plush toys — took home the top honors as Walmart’s 2020 Sustainability Supplier of The Year.

Last year, Dan Dee’s efforts kept more than 52 million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles from making their way into the world’s landfills. By recycling PET bottles into its patented Earthwise fiber, Dan Dee reduced petroleum consumption by more than 1.9 million gallons. Earthwise fiber is used as filling for Dan Dee’s plush toys in place of traditional, petroleum-based plastics. Additionally, more than 80% of Dan Dee’s packaging is made from recycled paper.

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Dan Dee was also one of three nominees for Walmart’s Seasonal/Celebrations Supplier of the Year. Since its founding in 1954, Dan Dee has grown to become North America’s leading supplier of seasonal plush and decor.