Dave Darinko and Brip Join Uglydoll Family

Pretty Ugly, LLC is introducing two new Uglydoll characters next month, Dave Darinko and Brip.

Dave Darinko is a natural-born leader. He’s the one who runs into the crowd with his arms waving around claiming to know where the cheese is, while most have no clue there’s cheese to begin with. He’s the one you want on your side when you’re about to face the music. And when you do face the music, he’s the guy who knows where the volume knob is. Does that make sense? Anyway, Dave gives you the thumbs up. He knows that you know he knows you know.

Brip works down at the local coffee cake shop. He serves thousands of pies and cakes every day, yet he’s not once taken a bite for himself! Not one taste! So we’re hoping you would be OK with showing him around your much larger world. Brip needs to be shown how wonderful that world really is, and what happens when genius enters the picture. That’s obviously you, right? Hello?

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