Source: Disguise

Disguise Inc renewed its partnership with Microsoft as the official costume partner for the software giant’s Minecraft and Halo brands.

The Halloween costume division of Jakks Pacific now holds global rights to create and distribute costumes and accessories for the popular gaming brands. The deal includes a three-year extension for Halo and an additional two years for Minecraft beginning next year.

Source: Disguise

“Fan engagement in video games continues to rise as gamers are exposed to these brands on a daily basis versus tentpole films which have struggled this year with theaters being closed,” says Tara Hefter, executive vice president and general manager at Disguise. “Gamers expect quality, and Disguise has extensive experience in developing top-quality costumes and accessories for video game brands, enriching the fantasy element of dressing up as your favorite character. The amazing characters Microsoft brings to the table and our expertise are the perfect combination for success.”

The video game industry has seen record growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic and Disguise notes that the growth of new players experiencing Minecraft has been “a huge win.” The next installment of the Halo franchise, Halo Infinite, will be released for the new Xbox Series X and S consoles and is expected to drive sales of licensed products over the next year.

Disguise has found success in game-related costumes and accessories through popular lines based on Pokémon, Super Mario Bros., Apex Legends, and others.