In Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story 4, Forky spent a large part of the movie being convinced that he isn’t “trash.” While the character isn’t, one of his real-life counterparts is destined for the rubbish bin as Disney has issued a voluntary recall for the 11-inch Forky plush sold exclusively at Disney Parks, Disney Store,, and Disney Store via Amazon Marketplace.

No incidents have been reported, but the company discovered that the rolling “googly” eyes can detach, posing a choking hazard for small children. The eyes are comprised of three parts: a white plastic base, a clear plastic dome, and a small black plastic disc within the dome, which represents the character’s pupil. The tracking code information is included on the sewn-in label attached to the base of the toy. Four tracking numbers are affected, with the numbers found on the character’s sewn-in tag.

Forky Recall

Tracking Numbers:

  • FAC-024868-18338
  • FAC-024868-19032
  • FAC-024868-19060
  • FAC-024868-19091

Customers should return the toy to a Disney Store or Disney Parks retail location for a full refund.

The toys were manufactured by Dream International Limited Co. of Hong Kong, and imported by Disney Merchandise Sourcing & Distribution.