Source: Distroller World/The Toy Book

A new batch of Nerlies just landed.

Distroller World introduces its latest trio of Generation X-Clusive Nerlie Bobbol Goms, a collection of space babies that are part of the company’s larger Neonate Babies line.

Bobbiesue, Bonetta, and Bobbie each arrived housed in a Bobbol-cubator inspired by a traditional bubble gum machine. Each doll comes equipped with a Re-Bobbolizator — a magnetic paddle created to help move the small Bobbol Gom particles inside their body resulting in a tickling effect while helping to restore the taste of their favorite pretend Bobbol Gom flavor. Each doll comes with full care instructions.

Source: Distroller World

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Neonate Babies are available in four species — Nerlie, Espongie, Zygotie, and MikroNerlito — exclusively through

Distroller was founded in Mexico City in 2004 by artist Amparo “Amparin” Serrano, and maintains retail locations throughout Mexico and Latin America. Its dolls are also sold in Walmart Mexico and have been a viral hit globally.