Don Perkins is the new CEO of Crazy Aaron Enterprises.

The company behind Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty and appointed the former Procter & Gamble exec to lead the company into its next phase. Perkins, who recently founded Zon Capital Partners in an effort to “help young companies build high-performing teams, implement new financial systems, and operate with strategic vision,” has a long career with experience spanning manufacturing, corporate business development, and senior executive leadership.

“I am so excited to welcome Don to the team,” says Aaron Muderick, founder and president of Crazy Aaron’s. “As a vertically integrated organization, we needed a leader with unique and wide-ranging experience and we found that in Don. His impressive background connects directly with so much of what we do, and his love of leading a team matches up with our values. I am confident that Don has the skillset and temperament to help our amazing organization evolve to the next level.”

Perkins also spent time at McKinsey & Company, serving industrial clients, including General Motors, GE, and Chloride, after which he was recruited to GE’s Corporate Business Development Group, followed by a gig at GE Silicones.

Beyond the success of its popular Thinking Putty, Crazy Aaron’s has made headlines over the past year as one of the first American toymakers to be hit with negative impact due to tariffs on raw materials imported from China, and the changing prices and availability of certain U.S.-sourced metals used in its packaging.