April15.Douglas copyDouglas Company has added to its Douglas Baby line with four new Sshlumpies, four new Lil’ Snugglers, and a new PlayTivity Blankee. The new additions are available now at specialty gift and toy stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Each 19-inch long blankie friend in the Sshlumpies line takes the shape of an animal. The newest additions to the line include an owl, a zonkey, a giraffe, and a horse. They have embroidered eyes and are under-stuffed to make them more blanket-like. Each of the Lil’ Snugglers is a 15-inch by 15-inch square of fabric with an animal or plush doll head at the top. The newest animals in the line include a zonkey, a giraffe, an owl, and a rosaly doll.

The new PlayTivity Blankee features colorfully patterned material with different textures. The latest design is a giraffe, which has arms that crinkle, a right foot that rattles, a left foot that squeaks, a tail with two plastic rings, and satin tabs throughout.