Artie Max | Source: Educational Insights

A new coding robot draws inspiration from future programmers and makes sure the “A” remains in STEAM.

Artie Max from Educational Insights is intended for kids ages 8 and up to learn advanced coding skills through STEAM learning. It inspires creativity in a uniquely modern way and immerses kids in five coding languages (Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++). Kids use these languages to build code that will make the robot draw tangible art.

The robot is designed to make the STEAM coding experience easy and fun right out of the box. According to a survey from CodeWizards HQ, 77% of parents believe that coding is the most important skill for kids to succeed in a digital economy. Artie Max connects to any WiFi-enabled device and then kids can code their design and watch Artie draw it on paper. Kids are inspired to create more difficult code in order to create more colorful pieces of art.

Each of the coding languages that Artie works with varies in difficulty. Kids can explore technology such as edge detection, line detection, and remote control functionality. They can also create code that changes Artie’s looks, including multiple colors and facial expressions in its eyes and LED mouth.

Artie Max is available now on Educational Insight’s website for $109.99.