eeBoo‘s new Paper Novas are inspired by one of the universe’s most impressive phenomena: supernovas. The new Paper Novas take that sense of wonder and replicate it on a smaller scale, reimaging the supernova as a craft activity.

Paper Nova press release-loresEach Nova comes with 200 strips of crepe paper in vibrant colors and a length of Baker’s string. Following simple instructions, strips are pinched in the middle and joined with other strips to create bundles. After four or five bundles have been made, they are all tied together with the string. Strips are gently pulled apart until the Paper Nova puffs up or “explodes” into a big, colorful ball with a 10-inch diameter. Once finished, Paper Novas can be suspended with the string to add color to any space.

Each style of Paper Nova is named after one of the brightest stars visible from earth, such as Betelgeuse, Alpha Centauri, Vega, and Arcturus.

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