Elmer’s is reigniting the slime challenge craze for the holidays.

The company teamed up with YouTubers Collins and Devan Key to craft an epic culmination to the company’s “Elmer’s What If?!” campaign. In a new video, the Keys take slime to new levels as they unveil their What If?! stunt — a bungee jump — to their more than 20 million YouTube subscribers.

“Given their reach, influence, and unparalleled understanding of YouTube and its viewers, we knew we had to partner with Collins and Devan Key,” says Nick Hopf, category marketing director of Elmer’s Products. “From the start, working closely with influencers on the creative and strategic direction of our campaign activations has been a top priority. Collins and Devan Key were terrific partners in sharing their deep understanding of how to develop engaging content featuring slime to drive maximum results.”

The company says that the campaign seeks to “reinvigorate and inspire slime enthusiasts in exciting, innovative ways using Elmer’s glue.” Earlier videos featured unboxings and stunts from other YouTubers including Unspeakable, Moriah Elizabeth, and Life with Brothers, the latter of which used an industrial cement mixer to make more than 300 gallons of slime.