Source: Hasbro/Empire State Realty Trust/The Toy Book

Hasbro Gaming‘s classic electronic memory game, Simon, is soaring to new heights above New York City this weekend.

The Empire State Building (ESB) launched ESB Simon as a new way for families to compete digitally using the tower’s famous lights on a special website. Residents of New York and New Jersey with a view of the famous tower can participate live as up to 100,000 people compete from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Halloween night. Players will test their memories by following increasingly complex patterns in the game’s signature blue, green, yellow, and red by opening on their phones.

“The Empire State Building is always looking for new ways to have our fans interact with us,” says Jean-Yves Ghazi, president of the ESB Observatory. “This Halloween, we are excited to share a fun way to engage with not only locals with a view of the tower, but with people across the world. While Halloween may look different this year, ESB Simon will be a bright light in an otherwise spooky night.”

Simon was launched in 1978 during a party at Studio 54 in New York City. The game was produced by Milton Bradley which was acquired by Hasbro in 1984.