Source: SuperAwesome/The Toy Book

In the midst of its fight with Apple, which recently spawned an alliance with Spotify and others as the Coalition for App Fairness, Epic Games bought itself a tech company.

The maker of Fortnite acquired SuperAwesome, one of the leading companies operating in the growing “kidtech” market. SuperAwesome develops tools that are used to create kid-safe digital experiences that are certified through the KidSAFE and ESRB COPPA Safe Harbor programs and are GDRP compliant for European audiences.

Additionally, the company’s AwesomeAds platforms fuel kid-safe advertising for majors brands around the world. Toymakers including Hasbro and LEGO use SuperAwesome tech in their games, apps, and services.

“More kids interact online than ever before and now is the time to double down on their safety,” says Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games. “SuperAwesome is the company developers want to work with to make better online content for kids. We share the belief that digital experiences are better when you go the extra mile to respect privacy and we’re thrilled to invest in this future alongside the talented SuperAwesome team.”

SuperAwesome was previously funded through investors including Mayfair Equity Partners, Hoxton Ventures, Harbert European Growth, and Microsoft’s M12.