The Boglins are making a big splash | Source: © Mitchel Wu Toy Photography

TriAction Toys’ relaunch of the iconic Boglins brand is picking up steam and the Toy Book has an exclusive update and a first-look at new product photography from noted toy photographer — and occasional Toy Book collaborator — Mitchel Wu.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $274,000 last fall, Boglins preorders have nearly topped $500,000 as the creepy characters prepare to make a splash at retail beginning next month. Ahead of their pending arrival, a new website has been launched to serve as the definitive hub for Boglins fans to immerse themselves in news and content from the Seven Kings of the Seven Bogs of the Boglands.

Source: TriAction Toys

“This will be an exciting space for collectors and fans alike,” says Chris Cofoni, founder of Tri-Action Toys. “It’s where they can go to share their photos, trade stories, and keep track of when the coolest new Boglins drop.”

Originally released by Mattel, Boglins have amassed a cult following over the past 30 years. Over the past year, Boglins co-creator Tim Clarke, licensor 7 Towns, and Mark Freedman of Surge Licensing have been collaborating with TriAction Toys to relaunch the line in all of its original glory. The hand-controlled figure puppets have a rubbery feel and moveable glow-in-the-dark eyes, and are inside packaging that recalls the originals with “wooden” crate-like boxes with bent plastic jail bars. Boglins were co-created by Clarke, Maureen Trotto, and Larry Mass.

Kickstarter backers will receive the first shipments next month, with King Drool, King Vlobb, and King Dwork headed back from the bog for a new generation of kids and collectors to enjoy.

“The enthusiasm and support from fans have been amazing,” says Boglins co-creator Tim Clarke. “I’m really proud that we’ve been able to deliver such a great product for them.”

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During the recent preorder window, Boglins fans converged on the Walmart and GameStop websites were preorders sold out in less than a week.

Cofoni tells the Toy Book that all seven Kings and four Dark Lords will be available by the end of this year alongside some exclusive characters.  Additionally, the Golden Kings and Red Eyed Kings will be limited to just 3,060 pieces.

To date, nearly $3 million in retail orders have been placed for Boglins across 31 countries. In the U.S., Walmart, Hot Topic, GameStop, Spencer Gifts, and Tonyk are among the retail partners that will be offering Boglins in the months ahead.

Looking ahead, TriAction is developing a new blind box Boglins range while Surge Licensing continues to build out a global licensing program for the brand, including a video game, comics, graphic novels, a board game, apparel, and more.

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