Source: TriAction Toys/The Toy Book

TriAction Toys’ Boglins World Domination campaign officially started today, entering its formal Kickstarter run with backers having already pledged $60,000 against a $25,000 goal following a two-day soft launch window that was exclusively revealed by the Toy Book on Wednesday night.

Now, the Toy Book can exclusively reveal another piece of the Boglins puzzle: stretch goals covering the full run of the Seven Kings from the Seven Bogs of the Boglands.

The Boglins Seven Kings Lineup

  1. King Drool
  2. King Vlobb
  3. King Dwork
  4. King Wort – unlocked at $50,ooo
  5. King Swogg will unlock at $75,000
  6. King Topor will unlock at $100,000
  7. King Sponk will unlock at $150,000

Preorders for Kings Nos. 4-7 will not be accepted at this time, but TriAction Toys says that it is committed to releasing those characters within one year from the Boglins launch at retail next April. The Boglins World Domination Kickstarter campaign includes preorder options for the King Drool, King Vlobb, and King Dwork, plus Golden Editions of each and the Halloween 2021 versions of Bag-O-Bones and Blobkin (eight Boglins in all).

Retailers will be announced in the months ahead. The Kickstarter campaign runs through Dec. 27.