Representation is important, and Faber-Castell USA believes that every color in the world should be recognized — and drawable.

When it comes to color spectrum of many pencils geared toward kids, however, the selection has traditionally been limited. World Colors seeks to change that.

Faber-Castell’s new collection was developed in collaboration with make-up artists. World Colors features a set of six skin color pencils that can be blended together so that kids can create any skin tone they desire, making it fun to draw themselves and their friends as realistically as possible.

Faber-Castell World of Colors

“It is truly a proud moment for us to debut World Colors to children across the globe,” says Christa Trivisonno, brand manager for Faber-Castell USA’s Premium Children’s Art Products.   “These pencils offer a valuable, creative tool that supports the important phase of self-discovery within adolescence. Every child artist should be able to develop his or her creative skills by drawing realistic portraits or self-portraits with a precise reproduction of skin color.”

World Colors is available in two kits — 15-count and 27-count, with each kit containing six skin tone colors.