The Glo-Up Girls arrive summer 2021 | Source: Far Out Toys

This summer, Far Out Toys is giving the doll aisle a #GlowUp.

Inspired by the massively viral world of makeover content that dominates social platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok — where #GlowUp already boasts more than 20 million views — the Glo-Up Girls are a new line of fashion dolls that are currently in production and headed for retail.

The brand message of “Show Your Glo!” encourages kids to aspire to be their best while giving a tip of the hat to the social media stars of the modern era.

A prototype Glo-Up Girls doll | Source: Far Out Toys

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Last week, Far Out Toys released a series of teaser images that feature the Glo-Up Girls’ prototypes — a colorful crew that will include colorful fashions and accessories along with fully rooted hair.

Additional details on the new line along with a host of digital content to support the launch will be unveiled in the months ahead.