There’s some familiar characters popping up alongside J.K. Simmons in the latest batch of Farmers Insurance‘s “We Know From Experience” commercials.

Bert and Ernie, Grover, Cookie Monster, and Count von Count are among the Sesame Street Muppets featured in a trio of new spots airing now, as Farmers Insurance joins Sesame Workshop to celebrate 50 years of Sesame Street. Two of the spots feature Farmers claims reenacted by the furry faces of Sesame Street.

“For over 90 years, education has been a key component of Farmers efforts to help make a positive impact in our communities. The opportunity to work with one of the most engaging and educational programs, Sesame Street, and its cherished characters to help people learn a thing or two from Professor Burke (Simmons) was a natural fit for Farmers,” says Leesa Eichberger, head of brand marketing at Farmers Insurance.

As part of the partnership, Farmers is sponsoring a short-form video series on Sesame Street’s YouTube channel that focuses on problem-solving.

“We’re incredibly pleased to work with Farmers on new content that encourages families to be healthy and safe,” says Scott Chambers, senior vice president and general manager, educational media and licensing, North America, Sesame Workshop. “Farmers’ support of the new YouTube series allows us to extend our mission of helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder.”

For the duration of the campaign, Sesame Street has a presence on the Farmers Insurance website, where a special hub contains behind-the-scenes photos and shareable content featuring Professor Burke and the Muppets of Sesame Street.

The commercials will air nationally on NBC and CBS during MLB, NFL, and college football games this fall. Additionally, the spots will be shown in movie theaters and will receive digital support on Hulu and BuzzFeed.