They’ve been called the “unicorns of the sea,” and now kids can have narwhals at their fingertips. WowWee‘s latest “Fingerlings Friday” brings the release of Fingerlings Narwhals — a new wave of the ever-popular electronic toys.

With new “magic motion sensors,” the narwhals have a special mood horn that will light up different colors in reaction to interaction. When kids pet their narwhal, the creature will flap its tail and blink its eyes to indicate how it’s felling. The narwhals will also give kids “magical kisses” that get bigger and louder the longer kids press the narwhal’s face to their cheek.

WowWee‘s latest release follows the arrival of the Untamed Mad Lab Minis collection which hit retail earlier this month. The company also inked recent deals with The WigglesCuriosity Ink Media, and CanspanBMG, in addition to launching its new Buttheads line, all within the first three months of 2019.