First Mega Bloks App Now Available for the iPad and iPhone

In celebration of Mega Bloks’ 25th anniversary, Mega Brands is releasing its first iPhone and iPad application for preschoolers, Mega Bloks Playground. Michael Elman, partner and creative of Budge Studios, the developer and publisher of the App, describes it as “not a ‘video game’ by any means that gives you set goals and sets you up to ‘win’ or ‘lose’.”

Instead, Mega Bloks Playground is open-ended and boasts unlimited play. In the preschool interactive world there are two playable Mega Bloks buddies, a boy and a girl, who interact with in-world elements, such as swings, sets, slides, see-saws, animals, and more. Kids can drag or tap the buddies with a finger on the iPad or iPhone screen and watch them play in the playground.

The App also features piles of colorful Mega Bloks throughout the playground that kids can use to build a variety of Mega Bloks creations. The touch-play controls are specially designed to help develop fine motor skills in children ages 2 to 5.

Mega Bloks Playground is available, starting today, for the iPad ($3.99) and iPhone ($1.99), exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Game-kids section. For the first 48 hours after launch, the App will be sold for 50 percent off.

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