On May 2, Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) will be celebrated at comic book specialty shops across the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. More than 5.6 million comic books will be given away for free to anyone who goes to one of the 2,300 participating comic book shops.

This year’s roster contains 50 free comics with titles for everyone’s tastes, including Marvel’s Secret Wars, DC ComicsDivergence, Bob’s Burgers, SpongeBob, Transformers, Pokemon, and more. Complete descriptions of the 50 FCBD titles, along with four-to-six page previews can be found online at www.freecomicbookday.com/comics.

During FCBD, comic shops will also host community events such as costume contests, drawings by guest artists, creator signings, raffles, door prizes, photos with costumed characters, and more.

Participating FCBD comic shops, a view of all 50 free titles, and special messages from actors and comic book fans Mark Hamill and Robin Lord Taylor can be found at www.freecomicbookday.com.