During the kickoff of Toy Fair New York, Funko unveiled several new pop culture collectibles and products, spanning cartoons, iconic characters, musicians, and celebrities.

Fans can collect new Funko products based on Garfield, Spongebob, Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, a Mermaid Betty Boop, Castlevania, and Fairy Tail. Funko adds new BTS, MIGOS, Johnny Cash, and KISS figures of musicians, among others. Other new products focus on iconic characters from beloved shows such as Rick and Morty, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Ghostbusters, Cheers, Jaws, Caddyshack, The Big Bang Theory, Forrest Gump, Dawson’s Creek, The Office, Billons, Community, The Addams FamilyBeverly Hills Cop, Alien, Xena the Warrior PrincessMen in Black, and a Vnyl Cheech and Chong duo.

View some of the new products below.

SpongeBob Squarepants

The Pop! Town set takes fans to Bikini Bottom with Spongebob, his pet Gary the Snail, and his pineapple-shaped house.

My Hero Academia

School is back in session for the aspiring superheroes at My Hero Academia with the new 5 Star figures based on the anime characters.


Exclusively available in the Funko Shop, the Garfield collectible holds an “I Hate Mondays” mug. Additional figures show an arms-crossed Garfield and Odie.

Post Malone

For the music fans, Funko launches a new Post Malone Pop! dressed in a suit and holding a red Solo cup.

The Simpsons

This Pop! collection devoted the Springfield neighbors includes Homer as Radioactive Man, Lisa with her saxophone, Bart as Bartman, and Maggie, Grampa, Moe, and Mr. Burns.

The Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys Pop!s dressed in their signature Millennium-era all-white suits are available in all five members — Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ, and Howie.


Bring home the members of the band with this Pop! Rocks set. Justin, JC, Joey, Lance, and Chris wear classic ’90s looks and their signature headsets.

Rick and Morty

New Rick and Morty collectibles include Purge Suit Morty, Purge Suit Rick, Berserker Squanchy, Dr. Xenon Bloom, Resistance Goldenfold, and a 6-inch Exoskeleton Snowball. In addition, Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, and Diamond Comics will have their own exclusive characters, such as Pickle Rick.

Pretty Woman

Joining Funko’s lineup of movie Pop! figures is the ’90s film Pretty Woman characters. The figures include Julia Roberts’ Vivian in her classic opening outfit (both with and without the blonde bob wig), and one in her formal red gown to match Edward, who is holding the diamond necklace in its box.

The Big Bang Theory

As the longest-running, multi-camera comedy The Big Bang Theory comes to a close, celebrate with the set of the iconic characters. Characters include Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Rajesh, Amy, Bernadette, and Stuart.

Dawson’s Creek

Pop! figures include true-to-style versions of the iconic characters of Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and Jen from Dawson’s Creek.

Beverly Hills Cop

Based on the 1984 action comedy, Pop! debuts Beverly Hills Cop figures of detective Axel in two scenes.

The Office

Bring all the employees home, including Michael, Pam, Dwight, Darryl, Kevin (with a pot of chili), Jim, and a Toby vs. Michael duo pack.

The Addams Family

Funko puts a twist on the gothic family with figures based on Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, and Cousin Itt.

Xena: The Warrior Princess

The Funko Pop! collectible wears her iconic armor and wields a sword and a Chakram.

Funko will showcase these new products at booth No. 5307 at Toy Fair New York.