Geomagworld USA‘s R&D department developed an innovative “gravity motor” that powers the heart of its new toy range, Mechanics Gravity.

The motor adds movement to the traditional Mechanics models, using the weight of the Geomag spheres to kick-start the various mechanisms of each set without having to use batteries or electric motors. It’s a green and sustainable way of powering the fun by harnessing the fundamental laws of physics, such as magnetism and gravity. Comprised of magnetic rods, steel spheres, and elements of different shapes such as cylinders, bearings and modular parts, the Mechanics Gravity system teaches STEM concepts as kids use the force of gravity to create chain reactions.

Four sets are available this year, including the Mechanics Gravity Magnetic Track (115 pieces), Mechanics Gravity Motor (169 pieces), Mechanics Gravity Shoot & Catch (243 pieces), and Mechanics Gravity Up & Down (330 pieces). The sets are designed for kids ages 8 and up.

Geomagworld USA will showcase Mechanics Gravity at ASTRA’s 2019 Marketplace and Academy at booth No. 919.