Geomagworld SA is expanding its Magicube junior construction range with the new Magicube Transport, Magicube Insects, and Magicube People sets.

With the Swiss-made Magicube range, kids can build with patented magnetic cubes that can attach on all six sides for a nearly infinite amount of construction possibilities. The new themed sets include blocks with images that kids can mix and match to create cars, rockets, ships, butterflies, ladybugs, and people. Magicube sets are available for several age groups of early builders.

To accompany its latest entries into the junior construction category, the company is offering specialty retailers and independent toy stores the opportunity to put a Magicube Play Space in their stores. For a limited time (while supplies last), retailers who order some of the best-selling Magicube toys will have the opportunity to receive a complimentary Geomag Magicube Play Space that includes seating, storage, a play mat, and 128 Magicubes, all free to create a permanent in-store play space. Click here for more information.

Magicube Pit

In addition to its Magicube line, Geomagworld offers a full range of magnetic building sets for all ages across its Geomag Classic, Mechanics, and Pro-L lines.