Giantmicrobes Introduces Food Poisoning Plush, More for the Holidays

Ever wondered what food poisoning would look like in plush form? Well wonder no more, Giantmicrobes, Inc.—designers of collectible toys inspired by the microscopic world—is releasing new editions to its educational toy line.

The new products, like all Giantmicrobes products, includes the toy modeled on electron micrographs, enlarged a million times, and includes the micrograph image as well as information about the microbe it represents. The collection spans more than 100 microbes, including Common Cold, Brain Cells, Bed Bugs, and more.

On November 5, the company released Food Poisoning and Diarrhea, as well as Nibble the Bed Bug vinyl figure. Each vinyl figure comes with an animation flipbook and an action-pose sticker.

Other new products released are Sniffles Sound Doll, who sneezes when his nose is tickled, and the Merry Christmas Microbes Tree Ornaments, which includes Common Cold, Brain Cell, Kissing Disease, E.Coli, and the limited-edition Red Amoeba costumed in a Santa hat, reindeer antlers, winter scarf, candy cane, and mistletoe.

To be released on December 1 is the Stem Cell plush and the Marshmallow the White Blood Cell vinyl figure.

The toys are popular with teachers, students, parents, educators, and more.

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