Goblies, which launched as a Kickstarter campaign, is a new toy that creates a colorful splatter similar to paintballs. They break easily on impact; however, they are painless like water balloons, and filled with a colorful wet powder that does not result in stickiness.

The casing for Goblies is made from food ingredients that can be found in pizza and ice cream, and the dyes are cosmetic-based. All the ingredients are non-toxic.

All Goblies kits and refill packs come in three primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Users can mix the colors to create new ones; make dark or light colors such as army green and pink; or by excluding the dye, make white Goblies.

Goblies in handThe plan is for Goblies to be sold in kits that allow for making 100 Goblies. Each kit will consist of food-based ingredients, cosmetic dyes, and reusable molds, and will include information that teaches kids about chemistry.

More information about the product and how to support the campaign, which closes on July 30, can be found at Goblies’ Kickstarter page.