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Green Kids Club is developing its Environmental Heroes book series into a collection of audio books. In addition, the company has optioned the rights for one of its most popular titles in the series, Elle the Mindful Elephant, to Lakeside Animation for the development of a new preschool animated series.

The first two audio books, Elee and The Shining Star and Princess, will be released later this year as Storypod audios. The nine titles in the Environmental Heroes series all feature stories about animals and their survival, often with human heroes that help them on their journey.

Elee the Mindful Elephant follows an easily distracted little elephant making new friends and exploring the African savanna. The series models mindfulness and resiliency for preschoolers with humor, adventure, and simple calming techniques.

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Iouri Stepanov from Lakeside Animation, Aron Dunn from Treason Media, and David Wallos from The ThinkTank Emporium will work together to develop the book’s TV adaptation. 

“We are pleased to be working with Iouri Stepanov and his team to bring Elee the Mindful Elephant to a global audience via various media platforms and licensed product opportunities,” Wollos said in a statement. “The sheer potential in all these areas for Elee is a wonderful asset for all concerned and its strategic relationship with Aron.”

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