GUND will introduce its winter lineup of plush to attendees of the 2018 North American International Toy Fair.

The company made updates to its Snuffles bear for the new year, and will introduce a unicorn plush named Luna and The Flappy Activity Toy, Soft Book, Lovey, and plush rattle with colorful feet and beads, all in sensory-stimulating formats.

GUND’s latest license is with Sanrio with rights to Gudetama. Its line of Gudetama plush will show the lazy egg in some of its favorite positions with signature open mouth, closed eyes, and defined backside.

The Cozy line will now feature a fox, a panda, a frog, and a rabbit in classic patterns brought back with a contemporary twist and color palette. Each will be available in 8-inch and 10-inch sizes.

There are also new additions of an elephant to the evergreen line, and a doe, a husky, and a polar bear to the seasonal Cozy line for the holiday.

Pusheenicorn will also be showcased at Toy Fair.