Source: hand2mind

Award-winning educational resource company, hand2mind, recently teamed up with Kipp Academy in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood to help curb the ‘COVID slide’ for more than 100 students.

For more than 50 years, hand2mind has provided high-quality, hands-on materials to expand their core curriculum with resources spanning math, science, STEM, and literacy. The company donated educational products including a variety of 20 unique educational tools that span classroom curriculum, including toys, books, writing journals, rock sets, balls, and timers.

“Whether these 100 students head back to their classrooms this fall, or continue distance learning at home or some hybrid of both, we want to ensure every family has the ability to utilize our educational products that teachers and administrators have been relying on for more than half a century,” says Sari Winick, senior vice president of marketing at hand2mind. “It’s these community initiatives that help us further our mission of supporting teachers and inspiring students with engaging, hands-on learning experiences.”

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Earlier this year, hand2mind debuted hand2mind teach@home, a digital resource in which families can find teach@home, free daily lessons and activities for K-5 students. The teach@home site offers an easy-to-follow schedule by grade, and daily, grade-specific, teacher-delivered video lessons for math and literacy. The site also offers worksheets for the math and literacy lessons in English and Spanish, and daily special activities including art, STEM, social studies, and more. In total, the program includes a full 12 weeks worth of lessons.