hasbroHasbro has announced the top five finalists in its search for a face-to-face party game. A team of Hasbro game experts and designers has narrowed the submissions down to five finalists, which are:

Irresponsibility: The Mr Toast Card Game
Irresponsibility is a fast paced, family friendly card game, created by Dan Goodsell featuring the comic character Mr Toast and his friends. In the game, you try to shirk responsibility by having fun being irresponsible, while also trying to stop your opponents by saddling them with more responsibility.

HEXES!! is a card game of witches, warlocks and wacky wizardry, created by Rochester Institute of Technology students Douglas Mansell, Norman Greenberg, Sam Sternklar and Tom Smith. The goal is to stay in the game while following the rules on all the hexes your opponents sling at you, which could be as crazy as keeping your hand raised at all times while reciting facts about cats.

Warning! Signs
Warning! Signs, created by Jack Reda, that is all about making fun of the weird signs we’ve seen while traveling. Players pretend they are tourists in a strange land and don’t speak the language. To win the game, you have to make up the “best” or most outrageous captions for what different signs could mean in this strange land.

Touchy Feely
Touchy Feely, created by Kevin and Kory Jordan, is played completely in the dark. Once the lights go out, or the blindfold goes on, you have to complete tasks worth different point values before the lights come back on. Players must be wary of their opponents, who can try to sabotage their tasks in the dark.

SUNK! is created by Scott Ruth, Bill Bellan and Scott Jackson from Massachusetts. It requires a steady hand, concentration, and sharp wits combined with an appetite for suspense and laughter. Players need to add the required amount of water to a cup without causing it to sink while their opponents try to break their concentration with taunting and heckling.

The crowdfunding gaming challenge was launched in August with website Indiegogo. The online campaigns launched on Friday and will run until December 1. Hasbro will choose the grand prize winner in early December based on the concept’s gameplay mechanics, theme, potential for ‘fun-ness,’ and viability.

The winner must also generate at least 100 unique contributors to its campaign. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000 and a trip to Hasbro headquarters to meet with and work with the game development team to help make his or her party game a reality. There were more than 500 entries from game designers worldwide.