When it comes to board games, perhaps none has been reinvented more times than Monopoly. The subject of countless new editions and revamps, Monopoly always stays fresh, but the latest update flips the script to become “the first game where women make more than men.” Hasbro‘s Ms. Monopoly is a celebration of female entrepreneurs and inventors that swaps property trading with inventions that wouldn’t exist without women — and at the start of the game, women get a higher payout and more money when passing Go.

At the center of the game is Mr. Monopoly’s niece — “a self-made investment guru” — who sets the stage for a new experience that pays tribute to inventions including chocolate chip cookies, bullet-proof vests, Wi-Fi, and more. And the property aspect isn’t completely out, as players can build a corporate headquarters to collect more rent. Modern flourishes include ride shares and solar heating, and tokens include a notebook and pen, a jet, a glass, a watch, a barbell, and Ms. Monopoly’s white hat.

The game is available to order now via Walmart.