This year is a highly contended presidential election year, and to celebrate, Hasbro is ready to help players dream, campaign, and vote their way into the White House with Monopoly House Divided.

With the classic Monopoly gameplay that players are used to, each player will travel around the gameboard campaigning and earning votes for different states, rather than purchasing properties. Once all states’ votes are claimed, the game ends and the player with the highest number of votes wins the game — and the presidency.

To kick off the game, players will choose their party loyalty with a game token and corresponding Candidate Card that assigns them to the red or blue party for the remainder of the game. Throughout the game, players are encouraged to vote along party lines – unless personal agendas differ from the majority. The game gets political as the board is themed around voting, government, and elections. Various spaces and cards around the board include Executive Power spaces, Campaign Bus areas, fundraiser places, “I Voted” cards, and a coveted White House token worth 10 additional points.

Monopoly House Divided is available at major retailers nationwide for $19.99.

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Miranda Siwak

Miranda Siwak

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