Play-Doh All Mixed Up | Source: Hasbro

Hasbro is celebrating the 65th anniversary of Play-Doh by skipping to the end that most cans of the famous compound face: they get all mixed up.

According to Hasbro, kids’ true colors likely end in muddy grey, and with that in mind, they’re ready to “bring parents face-to-face with their unavoidable, cringeworthy compound truth” with the very first can of pre-mixed Play-Doh Compound.

Play-Doh All Mixed Up is a 44-ounce, clear can filled with nearly three pounds of multicolored Play-Doh brand modeling compound. They’re calling it “a beautiful mess.”

Play-Doh All Mixed Up | Source: Hasbro

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“With Play-Doh compound, the imperfect is perfect, the mess is a masterpiece, and colors are meant to be mixed,” says Eric Nyman, chief consumer officer at Hasbro. “In honor of our 65th birthday, we invite parents to take a deep breath and let Play-Doh happen, because just like life, play should be messy, fun, and wonderful!”

Hasbro is calling on families to declare whether they support the mixing or unmixing of Play-Doh by using #TeamMIXITUP or #TeamKEEPITCLEAN on social media.

Play-Doh All Mixed Up is available in limited quantities, exclusively on Amazon. A wider release is planned for the months ahead.