NERF is coming to Foot Locker, just in time for back-to-school shopping.

Hasbro Inc. and Super Heroic Inc. have inked a new licensing agreement to launch a new collection of NERF-branded kids apparel and footwear to market. Beginning this month, the collection will be available at select Foot Locker and Kids Foot Locker stores and online.

The NERF x Super Heroic collection includes new colorways for Super Heroic’s flagship TMBLR v2 shoes, in addition to a new entry called the JMPR v2, which features an “alternative closure” with elastic laces and a toggle system.

NERF x Super Heroic

“The power of this collaboration rests solely in the alignment of our shared values and the importance of our collective missions,” says Jason Mayden, CEO and co-founder, Super Heroic. “As a child of the 90’s, NERF represents the apex of immersive, active play. It represents the freedom and wonderment of childhood that imbues us all with a sense of unrestricted creativity and limitless potential. We are honored and excited to partner with NERF to launch a collection that reminds us all, that if we can play together, we can live together.”

NERF x Super Heroic

Geared toward active play, the accompanying gender-neutral apparel collection features collaborative branding on items that include unique pockets and compartments designed to hold select NERF products for on-the-go play.