Hasbro unveiled a first look at the upcoming Power Rangers Beast Morphers role-play collection. The first toys to be shown following Hasbro’s acquisition of the Power Rangers franchise from Saban Brands last year, the new role-play line will be available at retail this spring. Saban’s Power Rangers Beast Morphers is set to debut on Nickelodeon.

Cheetah Beast Blaster | Ages 8 and up

The Cheetah Beast Blaster looks like a Cheetah Zord but can morph into blaster mode for soft, dart-firing action. Powered by Nerf, the blaster comes with three darts.

Electronic Cheetah Claw | Ages 5 and up

When the Red Ranger powers up in Red Fury Mode, he uses the strength of the Cheetah Claw to take on his enemies. Kids can imagine battling their foes alongside their favorite Rangers when they wield the Electronic Cheetah Claw. Inspired by the series, the toy features reactive sound effects that respond to kids’ movements as they imagine battling monsters and villains as one of the Power Rangers. A slashing motion extends the claws, while pushing a button on the handle makes them retract again.

Beast-X Electronic Saber | Ages 4 and up

The Beast-X Electronic Saber features lights and reactive sound effects that respond to kids’ movements. Swinging the Saber firmly seven times unlocks “Beast Mode,” with special light and battle sound effects.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Mask Assortment | Ages 5 and up

The new line also will include Red and Blue Power Rangers masks inspired by the new series.

Cheetah Blade | Ages 5 and up

The Cheetah Blade features a plastic blade projecting from the mouth of the cheetah handle.

Hasbro is expected to reveal more of its Power Rangers line, including figures, vehicles, collectibles, and role-play toys celebrating Ranger teams from Mighty Morphin’ to Beast Morphers, at Toy Fair New York from Feb. 16-19.