A classic board game just entered into digital age.

PlayDate Digital brought the tweezers from Hasbro‘s iconic Operation game to mobile devices in the new Operation App for iOS and Android. Like the original game, the app is designed to test kids’ hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, but the digital version also includes a dozen short stories.

Cavity Sam’s famous red nose still lights up if players touch the side, and the familiar jolt of the buzzer is delivered through the vibration function of the mobile device. The included stories provide insight to kids on the 12 classic ailments that they’re helping to fix, including a charley horse, the Adam’s apple, spare ribs, a wrenched ankle, butterflies in the stomach, water on the knee, writer’s cramp, a pulled muscle, a broken heart, the wishbone, bread basket, and the funny bone.

Operation is available for purchase on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.

In collaboration with Hasbro, PlayDate Digital has released a robust lineup of apps based on IP such as My Little Pony, Tonka, Transformers, Chutes and Ladders, and more.