The new season of BattleBots hits Discovery Channel tonight, and with the new episodes comes a new batch of toys.

HEXBUG launches new additions to its BattleBots line this week, with a fresh assortment of robotic, micro fighting machines ready for kids to bring the battle home.

“We are super excited about our partnership with BattleBots as our BattleBots remain one of our most popular and highly anticipated products,” says Brandon Adams, vice president of creative and brand management at HEXBUG. “The BattleBots are designed to replicate the functions of the real-size machines as seen on TV. You can take the adrenaline pumping action home for the full experience!”

To go along with the new toys, HEXBUG also caught up with Paul Ventimiglia, builder of BattleBots champion Bite Force, to let him go hands-on with the HEXBUG toy version of his robot. In a new video, he talks shop with Bob and Tony, the co-founders of VEX Robotics, makers of HEXBUG.

The latest offerings in the HEXBUG BattleBots lineup include:

The latest miniature HEXBUG BattleBots robots along with their interchangeable accessories are available at or at Target.