The Heykube | Source: Heykube/ the Toy Book

Technology meets nostalgia with the all-new Heykube. The smart cube is available now, following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Everyone from beginners to expert programmers can experience a brand new way to solve puzzles. Inspired by the Rubik’s cube, the programmable smart cube doesn’t require an app. Everything needed is right inside of the device, including a powerful microprocessor, an accelerometer, Bluetooth LE, sound, sensors, and low power technology.

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Heykube is customizable and a useful tool for coding education. Players can create, share, and solve their own algorithms via Python. They can also create games, patterns, and add music. Players can also solve puzzles through multiple levels of difficulty. The cube beeps after each solved step and the embedded LED lights guide players to solve the puzzles.

The device is now available on and Amazon for $99.99. Each one comes with a micro-USB charging cable, a charger, an instructional booklet, and a QR code with automated tutorials.