The unboxing trend continues to evolve, and the next extension is leaning toward vending machines for dolls and collectibles. Now the trend is hitting the arts and crafts aisles.

Horizon Group USA officially launched Vendees this week — surprise DIY dispensers that tap into the appeal of mystery toys while adding interactive creative activities to the mix. Each Vendees package includes a curated assortment of contents across four primary themes: Vendees Holo Unicorn, in which kids can customize their own unicorn figurine with paints and sparkling embellishments; the nail-focused Vendees Go Wild!; Vendees Sweet Treat, which allows kids to make “dessert-like” bath bombs; and Vendees Atomic Rainbow, which lets kids create their own lip balm line. Vendees made their debut at the Toy Insider‘s Sweet Suite event in New York City during an unboxing hosted by YouTuber Toy Caboodle.

To launch the unboxing experience, kids pull and unravel the various compartments of the Vendees packaging, which dispenses three surprise capsules that contain surprises and all the elements needed to complete their activity.

“Our creative teams are always looking for new ways to innovate the DIY experience. We are excited to launch Vendees, which give children a themed unboxing experience uniquely merged with a creative project,” says Evan Buzzerio, chief marketing officer and executive partner of Horizon Group USA. “The design of Vendees packaging allows kids to discover trendy surprises as they gear up to expressing their own personal style through an exciting themed activity.”

At launch, Vendees are available at retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, Indigo, Kohl’s, Learning Express, Nordstrom, Toys “R” Us Canada, and Wal-Mart.