For the first time in Hot Wheels history, Mattel will release a 1:64-scale die-cast vehicle simultaneously with the release of an actual vehicle.

Hot Wheels teamed up with Jaguar Land Rover to assist in the global debut of the all-new 2021 Jaguar F-Type. In a short film created to accompany the launch, a 1:64-scale Jaguar F-Type speeds through the recently opened Jaguar Design Studio at scale speeds of up to 300 mph on a custom-built track layout, which was designed and developed with the guidance of official Hot Wheels Master Track Designer Paul Schmid. Created using the iconic orange track system, the Jaguar layout includes 25 loops, 55 boosters, four bridges, and three jumps along the course that winds its way through the studio making 44 turns along the way.

“As a designer and huge car enthusiast, Hot Wheels models have been a part of my life since childhood. They capture the imagination, make owning the car of your dreams a reality, and give you the first opportunity to actually ‘drive’ a car,” says Julian Thomson, design director, Jaguar. “We are used to creating models in clay but seeing such a finely-detailed 1:64-scale model of the new F-Type race around the studio, showcasing every stage in our design process, was a truly unique experience.”

Hot Wheels 2021 Jaguar F-Ftype

To create the car used in the film, the Hot Wheels design team worked in collaboration with designers from Jaguar using CAD data of the real car to craft a 3D-printed model that captures many of the features of the new F-Type, including its body style, pixel LED headlights, and sculpted bumpers. Finishing touches include the Velocity Blue color from the SVO Premium Palette and a hand-painted F-Type badge on the back. The car was also wrapped in camouflage to mirror the automotive industry’s traditional pre-reveal pattern.

Hot Wheels 2021 Jaguar

“We’ve been working with Jaguar for over 40 years, but this was an opportunity to do something really special with a car that was not yet on sale,” says Bryan Benedict, senior manager of product design at Hot Wheels. “To go behind the doors of the top-secret Jaguar Design Studio and work with the talented design team to bring this car to life and reveal it on our unmistakable orange and blue track was a unique opportunity.”

Hot Wheels Jaguar

The Hot Wheels 2021 Jaguar F-Type will be priced at about $1 and will roll into retail next November. The Jaguar version will be priced at around $70,000 and will roll into dealers around the same time.