Mattel Inc. launched Hot Wheels id — an evolution to the iconic Hot Wheels brand that’s been a staple in toy collections since 1968.

Hot Wheels id bridges the gap between physical and digital for a mixed play experience with unique vehicles, a smart Race Portal, Smart Track, and digital hub, so kids can build a personalized fleet, measure performance, and compete like never before. Hot Wheels id is available today, launching exclusively at, select Apple stores, and on the App Store.

“Hot Wheels began innovating vehicle play over 50 years ago and now, we are doing it again with Hot Wheels id,” says Chris Down, chief design officer at Mattel. “While the brand is no stranger to digital play, this is the first time our fans will be able to keep track of top-speeds, races-won, and challenges-completed with Hot Wheels id die-cast in the physical world. Then, they can collect, manage, and race the same cars in the digital world. This revolutionary mixed play experience enables kids of all ages to take on challenge like never before.”

Hot Wheels id

At launch, the Hot Wheels id line includes:

  • Hot Wheels id premium die-cast vehicles, which are equipped with wireless technology that stores each vehicle’s performance data and makes them uniquely identifiable.
  • Hot Wheels Race Portal scans Hot Wheels id vehicles into the app, tracks speed, and counts laps via infrared sensors, and easily connects with classic Hot Wheels track. The Race Portal includes two exclusive Hot Wheels id vehicles.
  • Hot Wheels id Smart Track Kit features a new Hot Wheels track design to boost speed and enhance racing, jumping, and crashing, while also adding total distance traveled to vehicle stats. The Smart Track includes the fastest, most powerful booster Hot Wheels has ever made as well as two exclusive Hot Wheels id vehicles and the Hot Wheels Race Portal.
  • Hot Wheels id App hosts a virtual garage of Hot Wheels id vehicles to collect, race, jump, crash, level up, and compete, as well as hundreds of challenges and digital races to keep the fun going.

Visit for full details on the Hot Wheels id platform and lineup.