Australian Toy Company Hunter Products will unveil new lines at Distoy in London. The company won multiple toy categories at the Australian Toy Fair this year, including Doll of the Year, Craft Toy of the Year, and Game of the Year, and plans to continue this momentum internationally. The new lines include:

Pawjama Pets is a new plush line featuring pets in pajamas. Each pet has a different personality and is dressed in a pair of pajamas. Six dog breeds will be released this summer, and an additional six will release this fall.

Mallo is a new compound that resembles soft marshmallows without the stickiness. With sensory play value, Mallo is available in a variety of vibrant colors.

Bubble Babies are new collectible babies, each scented for an elevated collectible experience. Featuring removable clothing and accessories, kids can mix and match all the Bubble Babies.

Hide and Seek Sherlock is a large and soft 10-inch plush that will call out to kids for them to find him. Hide and Seek Sherlock will launch at Walmart in the fall.