IAmElemental revealed the company’s newest action figure, the Series 2/Wisdom Warrior Core Power Figure.

The figure features more than 30 points of articulation and includes removable accessories including a helmet, armor, powerful bow and arrow, and Wisdom shield.

Series 2/Wisdom includes seven 4-inch articulated figures: Creativity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, Logic, Exploration, Mastery, and Oblivion. The series culminates in the release of the 6.5-inch Wisdom Warrior Core Power figure, which is a fusion of all Elements in the series.

IAmElemental was named a 2017 Toy of the Year finalist by the Toy Industry Association in the Rookie of the Year and Action Figure of the Year categories for its Series 1/Courage figures. Its Series 2/Wisdom figures are finalists for 2018 Toy of the Year in the Action Figure category. In November, the company announced a partnership with The Jim Henson Co. to develop a new animated children’s television series based on its popular female action figures.

IAmElemental’s strong, healthy female action figures invite kids to develop their character by playing with “The Elements of Power.”  The company’s Series 1/Courage figures, modeled on Joan of Arc, were launched on Kickstarter in 2014.  Series 2/Wisdom followed in 2016, with ancient Alexandrian STEM pioneer Hypatia as the muse. Each series culminates in the release of a 6.5-inch Core Power figure, which is a fusion of all elements in the series.