According to the results of the Kids License Monitor, the average child in the UK owns merchandising products from 28 different licenses. Kids License Monitor is a study conducted online by the German market research company iconkids & youth where it collets information on 3,821 kids ages 4 to 12 in Germany, France, and the UK.

The high number of licenses suggests that there is not—at least for the moment—one dominant license. Instead, kids enjoy different and new properties. It also suggests that merchandising products are go-to items for people who give presents to kids.

The variety of properties means that licensors must stand out in a competitive market. Compared to other countries, kids in the UK own the biggest variety of merchandising products. On average German kids possess licensed articles from 25 different properties, while French kids possess items from 23 different properties. The most common licenses in nurseries in the UK are Minions, followed by Spider-Man and Toy Story.

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