ICTICareICTI CARE and The Toy Association partnered to support the continued development of the ICTI CARE program for workers in global toy factories, toy companies, licensors, and retailers.

For more than a decade, ICTI CARE has worked with the global toy industry to ensure that toys are manufactured responsibly and ethically, protecting the rights of toy factory workers.

ICTI CARE’s collaboration with the U.S.-based Toy Association is the first in a series of new partnerships where ICTI CARE will work with other national toy associations worldwide to further develop, scale, and promote responsible sourcing collaborations to support for small- and medium-sized (SME) toy companies.

The Toy Association will directly fund and support ICTI CARE’s work, while offering ICTI CARE’s range of services to its SME members. These benefits include access to ICTI CARE’s Ethical Sourcing Database and monthly bulletins. The Toy Association members will also be offered an exclusive discount for individual membership in the ICTI CARE Committed Brands PLUS program. This year, The Toy Association gave a $100,000 grant to ICTI CARE and committed to an association-level Committed Brands PLUS membership for next year.

The partnership also provides The Toy Association members with access to ICTI CARE’s on-the-ground expert teams in China, Hong Kong, and India, and immediate alerts on factory incidents and terminations to enable proactive management of risk and minimization of supply chain disruption.