The “Power Kid Podcast” goes upside down this week as a recent guest flips the script to put host Phil Albritton of Power Kid Design in the hot seat.

Jeff Pinsker, president of Amigo Games North America is in the interviewer’s chair to explore Albritton’s origin story.

In the episode, Albritton discusses some of his earliest work in the toy industry, including the Original Funnoodle, the Bounce ‘Round — the first consumer accessible continuous air bounce house — and Bruce Lund’s sports ball line, The Luminator. The duo discusses the various challenges of inventing versus developing, and the importance of packaging as a protector, teacher, and brand advocate. Albritton also shares tips for making the most out of your store visits and what to look for as you research the aisle. Finally, the duo explores trendspotting and discusses some of the biggest changes that Albritton has witnessed in the industry.

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