The Heart Supply Popsicle 1st Issue Team Skateboard | Source: Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific and Johnny Schillereff — founder of Element Skateboards — are teaming up to bring skateboarding to the masses while doing a lot of good along the way.

Beginning today online and next month in stores, Target will be the exclusive destination for a groundbreaking collection of high-quality skateboards from The Heart Supply, Schillereff’s new company that was founded with giving in its DNA. Through its partnership with Jakks Pacific and Target, The Heart Supply will scale its business while using a portion of its proceeds to give skateboards to kids who may otherwise not be able to own one.

Johnny Schillereff and The Heart Supply #GiveSkateboarding | Source: Jakks Pacific

“I feel incredibly blessed to remain immersed in my deepest passion at this stage in my life, with my family by my side,” says Schillereff, who, along with his wife Kori founded The Heart Supply just over a year ago. “My calling has always been to mentor, inspire, and empower the youth through skateboarding and art. We are excited and proud to be expanding our reach with Target to make skateboarding more inclusive, affordable, and accessible — and get as many quality complete skateboards under kids’ feet as possible. By doing so, we increase the ability to nurture our team, grow skateboarding participation and give skateboarding to kids in need.”

The Heart Supply Skateboards | Source: Jakks Pacific

The Heart Supply’s line of complete skateboard packages has been tested by world-class professional skateboarders and are currently under the feet of the company’s skate team — Jagger Eaton, Heimana Reynolds, Chris Chann, Rio Batan, Camp Schill, Paige Heyn, Koston Eaton, and Mia Lovell.  Jagger Eaton and Heimana Reynolds are representing Team USA in this summer’s Olympic Games.

“More kids on skateboards indisputably sparks prosperity for our industry at large and all skateboarders alike,” Schillereff says. “‘Give Skateboarding’ is more than our mantra, it is our call to action.”

The Heart Supply Popsicle 1st Issue Team Skateboard | Source: Jakks Pacific

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Traditionally, the world of skateboarding and action sports has largely been on the fringes of the toy and game industry, with occasional crossovers that have yet to truly unite the space. Schillereff believes that there is a big future ahead with a ton of potential for collaboration that can reach families around the world.

“We are excited to join this fun, creative and enthusiastic new world,” he tells the Toy Book. “The Heart Supply will be doing collaborations, appearances, demonstrations, interviews, and product reviews with partners in the toy and gaming industry.” He also says that The Heart Supply is planning its first appearances at major toy fairs and trade shows.

The Heart Supply Skateboards | Source: Jakks Pacific

Jakks Pacific will introduce The Heart Supply’s Premium Pro and Team “Ready to Roll” skateboards beginning with a limited edition release that is available to preorder today — The Heart Supply Popsicle 1st Issue Team Skateboard. It ships in a customized box and comes with an official Heart of Gold membership Certificate of Authenticity, autographed by skateboarding Olympians Eaton and Reynolds, along with Schillereff.

“It is long overdue that a legitimate skateboard company with legitimate skateboarders enters this industry with an affordable, quality skateboard, that provides a positive experience,” Schillereff adds.

The Heart Supply Skateboards | Source: Jakks Pacific

Over the past year, the Schillereffs have quickly ramped up efforts to create products that have a quality and style level that mirrors lines that have, at times, priced some kids out. Additionally, the family is opening its first philanthropic skatepark — Xala with Heart, located on the central coast of Mexico — and has already given away more than 1,000 of its “Ready to Roll” skateboard packages to kids around the world.

Source: The Heart Supply

Looking ahead, “family” is a key to unlocking a few of the previous barriers to entry that may have stopped kids from jumping on a board.

“I think the biggest thing is that there’s still a hangover from when skateboarding first got started,” Schillereff says. “Like surfing, it was difficult for some adults to wrap their heads around and there were some cultural differences and issues with it being illegal and kids trespassing and getting kicked out of spots. Now it’s the fastest growing sport in the world and there are skateparks and safe places to skate in towns everywhere.”

Schillereff attributes much of the growth in skateboarding to mirroring the growth of the toy industry in recent years — it’s a sport that’s now cross-generational and families can participate in it together, at their own pace. It’s an activity that isn’t tethered to coaches or trainers, and families don’t have to add another thing to their schedules with practices or classes.

“Skateboarding provides personal freedom for a family, and they get to hang out with other kids and families. People haven’t realized that until now,” he says. “With the Olympics and major companies getting involved, things have changed. Partnering with Target shows that skateboarding is a sport and lifestyle that is embraced by the masses. It’s culturally diverse, and kids can express themselves through their own fashion and sense of self with no judgment. It’s all-encompassing, edgy, rebellious but individual.”

In the months ahead, The Heart Supply line will expand with an endcap display in Target sporting goods departments and exclusive, special edition board drops on The range will include Pro complete graphic boards from Jagger Eaton and Heimana Reynolds along with two additional Team completes.

“We are proud to partner with Johnny and The Heart Supply to bring this great collection of quality complete boards to Target,” says Craig Drobis, senior vice president of marketing at Jakks Pacific Inc. “The Heart Supply comes with the amazing philanthropic mission to #GiveSkateboarding and Jakks Pacific cannot wait to be a part of the movement.”

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