Jakks Pacific, Inc. is ready for Toy Fair New York with an expanded new lineup for the year ahead. Following the news that the company has teamed-up with SEGA for new toys based on Sonic the Hedgehog, Jakks unveiled details on extensions for TP Blaster and MorfBoard, along with the new Piñata Fiesta and Who’s Your Lllama collectibles lines, with toys based on Disney Junior’s Gigantosaurus (Cyber Group Studios), Toho’s Godzilla, Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter, Mega Man, and more to be shown in the Javits Center, Feb. 16-19.


Highlights of Jakks’ new product offerings include:

  • MorfBoard E-Scoot is the latest Xtension to MorfBoard’s high-performance deck and component system. Kids over the age of eight will zip around town at speeds up to 10 MPH.
  • Piñata Fiesta brings the classic surprise delivery system of piñatas into a festive collectible and activity toy line. Surprises inside include party-themed charms, bracelets, rings, and festive confetti.
  • Who’s Your Llama is a line of collectible llamas. From Bahama Llama to Drama Llama, each one comes dressed in a cute outfit and includes one of four super silly features: winking, spitting, grinning, or sticking its tongue out.
  • Mega Man Mega Buster Arm Cannon is the iconic feature that stores the powerful schematics of the robotic hero. Kids can pretend to be Mega Man with the Arm Cannon, which features lights and authentic sounds from the all-new TV-show when the trigger is squeezed.
  • Becca’s Bunch is a new preschool program for children ages 3 to 6 years old. The show merges live-action footage, puppetry, 2D, and CG animation to create a textured world that the audience will want to reach out and touch. In Wagtail Woods, a little bird named Becca and her Bunch of friends – Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro – are always ready for action. The Becca Feature Plush includes phrases and theme song.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Pinball Track Set brings the iconic video game to life with its customizable track. Fans simply pull the pinball launcher and shoot the Sonic spheres through the loops and turns. The set comes with an exclusive Sonic sphere and removable figure.
  • 24-inch Godzilla Figure is two feet tall and over 36-inches long, and is fully poseable with articulation in the jaw, neck, shoulders, hands, legs, feet, and tail.
  • Harry Potter Hedwig Interactive Creature responds to sounds by turning her head and makes 12 unique owl sounds.
  • Chocolate Poop Maker replicates a realistic toilet bowl that makes chocolate poops. Kids can make their own chocolate poops by melting the chocolate, “flushing” it down the toilet, pouring the chocolate into the molds, refrigerating for five minutes, and adding their own cute poo-tastic touches.
  • Slap Ninja is a new, fast paced game of reflexes. Play as the Ninja Master and use his karate chop SLAP to defend his precious coin from his student. Or, play as the student trying to tap the coin in the Ninja’s hand to defeat him. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is the winner, and the loser gets ZAPPED!
  • Toilet Paper Blasters Sheet Storm transforms toilet paper into clean spitballs. It features rapid-fire pump action to blast spitballs up to 50 feet. One roll of toilet paper makes 350+ spitballs.
  • X-Power Dozer is a new vehicle that can push and pull up to 200 lbs indoors or outdoors. The X-Power Dozer can plow through rocks, dirt, wood, snow, toys, and just about anything thrown in front of it.