Jazwares revealed the first Fortnite vehicle at Comic-Con International: San Diego over the weekend, which will launch the company’s new #FortniteIRL collection of remote control vehicles.

Fans received an exclusive first look at the new Fortnite line as they test drove limited edition products as gamer Lucas Mosing (Faze Blaze) of the Faze Clan introduced the new Deluxe Fortnite R/C ATK during his Jazwares meet and greet. 

Fortnite RC

The R/C ATK, designed for kids ages 8 and up, brings the iconic Fortnite vehicle to life as fans can drive four 4-inch figures around with authentic lights and sounds. The ATK includes a 4-inch, articulated Drift figure with a Stop Axe and a golf bag as you roll your way into battle. Additional outfits are forthcoming, as well as more R/C vehicles in the range.

The Deluxe Fortnite R/C ATK will be available this fall for $39.99.