There’s a new world of miniature collectibles arriving at Target stores this June — JazwaresNanables.

Nanos are tiny creatures who live in whimsical, ultra-small houses called Nanables. Kids can build a community by collecting six different houses from two distinct locations: Rainbow Way and Sweetness Town. The houses can be collected by themed land, or mixed-and-matched to create an entirely unique world filled with endless opportunity for play. Later this year, a collection of four new houses from Winter Wonderland will welcome the colder months. Jazwares is already planning new themes and houses to debut next near.

Nanables Rainbow Way

Unlike most blind boxed collectibles, Nanables allow kids and parents to see exactly what they’re getting. They can build the collection that they want without the possibility of undesired duplication.

The line will debut at Target stores this June, with additional retailers being added later this year.

Jazwares plans to support the line through original YouTube webisodes, and a companion augmented reality app designed for iOS.

Nanables Sweetness Town